Regeneration center

Regeneration Center

Regeneration Center is located in the Rehabilitation sanatorium, building B, 4th floor. Relaxing procedures such as massages, baths, lymph drainage, peat compresses, oxygen therapy, etc. are provided here. Come and enjoy peaceful surroundings, helping personnel and variability of procedures. We are looking forward to you.

Order Procedures

  •         Ordering is possible from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 15.30
  •         It is possible to order and pay in person at the receptions in the building B, 1st floor
  •         Telephone: +420 596 373 333
  •         E-mail:

Important Information

You can attend procedures without prior medical examination. Procedures and one-day stays can be paid in cash, by card or bank transfer. Individual procedures in Regeneration Centre and entrance to the Vitality World can be paid by SODEX, Unišek and ACCOR cheques. Regeneration centers are barrier-free.

One-day programs 2015

Special packs of procedures. A deed of gift can be issued on your request.


Massages Price
API-balance honey massage - overall CZK 1200
API-balance honey massage - partial CZK 700
Aroma massage DE LUXE - overall CZK 640
Aroma massage DE LUXE - partial CZK 330
Aroma head and neck massage CZK 330
Classic massage - overall CZK 550
Classic massage - partial CZK 290
Lava stones massage (Hot Stones) - overall CZK 770
Lava stones massage (Hot Stones) - partial CZK 410
Oil anti-cellulite massage CZK 330
Aroma head and neck massage CZK 330
Relaxing aromatic massage CZK 330
Revitalization aroma massage - overall CZK 640
Revitalization aroma massage - partial CZK 330
Schwarzwald (Black Forest) warming and galvanizing massage - overall CZK 640
Schwarzwald (Black Forest) warming and galvanizing massage - partial CZK 330
Warm beeswax pack CZK 350
Traditional Chinese cupping CZK 290


Other procedures Price
Oxygen therapy CZK 130


Natural healing source Price
Natural iodobromine bath with pack CZK 330


Hydrotherapeutic procedures Price
Herbal bath with natural iodine CZK 290
Aromatic bubble bath with natural iodine CZK 290


Carbonic therapy Price
Dry carbon dioxide bath CZK 250
Water carbon dioxide bath with a dry pack CZK 310


Thermotherapy Price
Solarium CZK 8
Warm partial peat compresses CZK 280


Lymphotherapy Price
Machine lymph drainage (Lymfoven) CZK 280


Online application

Write to us for more information about how to arrange a stay in Darkov. Use our online form. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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