Extra procedures offer

Extra procedures offer

The procedures must be ordered and paid in the admission office two days before attending the procedure. Procedures are provided in the building “Staré Lázně” (Old Spa).


Mon – Fri 07.30 – 15.00

Classic Massage

Classic massage is based on the principles of Swedish methods by Perh Henrik Ling. Grips change quickly and vigorously with sensitive use of force (kneading, percussion, vibration) and tenderer elements (friction, rubbing, stroking). This massage supports emptying of superficial veins, lymphatic vessels, sweat gland secrete, skin tension normalization, blood flow in the massaged area, absorption of swellings and hemorrhages, and improves tissue nutrition and relieves pain.

Partial – 25 minutes (CZK 330)

Traditional Chinese Cupping

At least 3000 years old healing method. Cups are glass or plastic balls in which underpressure is induced to suck up the skin or after being attached the cups are moved across the patient’s lubricated back to promote blood circulation. Also lymphatic system and detoxification are activated to support immunity.

Time – 25 minutes (CZK 290)

Water carbon dioxide bath

Bath water is carbonated in special saturators and it must contain at least 1000mg of carbon dioxide dissolved in 1kg of water. The body is covered with warming coat of small bubbles, temporary cold is replaced by pleasant warm. Carbon dioxide is absorbed through skin and it supports blood circulation. It has also beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and overall organism. It affects nerve endings, improves vascular and capillary permeability, lowers blood pressure and improves cardiac work. Carbonic procedures are indicated in case of heart, vascular, central and peripheral nervous system diseases; they support blood circulation which improves tissue nutrition; they have anti-inflammatory impact and are suitable in treatment of musculoskeletal system and other diseases. They make skin more flexible and elastic, support its hydration and are beneficial in treatment of cellulite.

Bath takes 20 minutes and the following relaxation in a pack takes 10 minutes. (CZK 310)

Natural iodobromine bath

Natural iodine mineral water from Darkov, called brine, comes from the tertiary sea. It is natural mineralized water with sodium chloride and increased content of barium and strontium ions. It is cold and hypertonic. As in every sea, there is a kitchen salt dissolved in the water (40g in 1l of mineralized water). But the main healing element is iodine of which there is 20-25mg in 1l of the water. Iodine has a rare ability of sublimation which means that it is easily evaporated into the air. Thus, the microclimate is enriched with iodine and a patient then inhales it during the bath. Iodine is partially absorbed through skin and mucous membrane. It has antiseptic and disinfecting effect but its overall effect, controlled by mainly by the thyroid, is from the medical point of view far more significant. The basic effect of iodine is mediated by vessels and it is basically the most effective balneological element in treatment of vascular diseases concerning heart, brain and periphery.

Iodine bath has also preventive, regenerative and rejuvenating effects. The bath is prepared as an overall bath of 37-38°C.

The bath takes 20 minutes and the following relaxation in a pack takes 10 minutes. (CZK 330)

Bubble bath

A bath in the water of 37-38°C. Air is run to the grind at the bottom of the bath and forms little bubbles, similar to pearls, which cause skin micromassage resulting in better blood circulation and overall relaxation of organism. Bubble baths prevent backaches, spinal and joint pain, they activate metabolism, break down fat and have beneficial skin effects.

The bath takes 20 minutes and the following relaxation in a pack takes 10 minutes. (CZK 290)

Warm partially peat compresses

Peat supports blood circulation and absorbs harmful substances from the skin. Peat compresses have anti-inflammatory effects, they help damaged tissues to regenerate, they help with pains and cramps and the muscles are warmed and relaxed. And their anti-cellulite effect are not negligible either.

Time: 20 minutes (CZK 280)

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