Vital Program

Price: 1249 CZK/day Length of Stay: acc. to interest

Medical-rehabilitative and reconditioning stays for seniors with chronic combined issues (risk factors of patulous vessels, degeneration of joints and spine, lipid metabolism disorders, cholesterol, sugar, etc.)

This stay includes

  • Medical entrance examination
  • Including the assessment of an overall state of health
  • 12 procedures a week
  • Half board or full board and accommodation
  • If the stay is longer than 2 weeks, there’s a ward round once a week.

The price includes accommodation in a twin room standard, alimentation, medical examination, and procedures.

Procedures included

  • 2x Natural iodobromine bath
  • 2x Partial classic massage
  • 3x Full body whirlpool
  • 1x Warm peat pack
  • 1x Electrotherapy
  • 2x Oxygen therapy
  • 1x Nordic Walking


Variant Price (incl. VAT)
Stay in Rehabilitation Sanatorium (half board) 1249 CZK/day


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