Orto Plus Program

Price: 1249 CZK/day Length of Stay: acc. to interest

Program is suitable especially for patients with diseases of degenerative, rheumatic origin or consequences of previous injuries and orthopaedic surgeries with accentuation of problems in following areas: weight bearing joints of lower limbs (hips, knee, malleolus), upper limbs (disability of shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand), spine (cervical, thoracic or lumbar, including diseases of spinal discs).

This stay includes

  • Medical entrance examination
  • Including the assessment of an overall state of health
  • 12 procedures per week
  • Half board or full board and accommodation
  • If the stay is longer than 2 weeks, there’s a ward round once a week.

The price includes accommodation in a twin room standard, alimentation, medical examination and procedures.

Procedures included (in the price)

  • 2x Natural iodobromine bath
  • 3x Full body whirlpool
  • 1x Dry carbon dioxide bath
  • 1x Electrotherapy
  • 2x Partial classic massage
  • 2x Paraffin compress
  • 1x Machine exercises


Variant Price (incl. VAT)
Stay in Rehabilitation Sanatorium (half board) 1249 CZK/day


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