Intensive Medical Stay

Price: from 1657 CZK/day Length of Stay: Acc. to interest

We offer an intensive rehabilitation suitable especially for consequences of diseases of musculoskeletal, nervous, and vernacular systems (posttraumatic and postoperative states, neurovascular diseases with lasting impairment of mobility or walking, limitations of self-care, accompanying pain, etc.). Short time gap between treatment and occurrence of disease significantly increases the chance of a better healing effect.

Stay includes

  • Medical entrance examination
  • Medical examination – from the second week (of your stay)
  • 24 procedures per week
  • Twin room standard
  • Above-standard dining (Rehabilitation Sanatorium), standard dining (Darkov Sanatorium)
  • Welcome present
  • Medical procedures are provided from Monday to Saturday

Procedures included (in the price)

  • 4x Natural iodobromine bath
  • 3x Partial classic massage
  • 2x Machine exercises
  • 1x Carbon dioxide injections
  • 2x Warm peat compress
  • 1x Oxygen therapy
  • 2x Sensomotorical rehabilitation – balls
  • 3x Group exercises in a pool
  • 3x Electro therapy
  • 1x Machine lymph drainage
  • 1x Dry carbon dioxide bath
  • 1x Local cryostimulation


Variation Cena včetně DPH
Stay in Rehabilitation Sanatorium (half board) 1657 CZK/day
Stay in Darkov Sanatorium (half board) 1777 CZK/day


  • Provided price is per person in a twin room. Additional charge for a single room starts at 150 CZK/day.
  • Spa fee of 15 CZK/day/person is not included.
  • Additional charge for full board standard amounts to 110 CZK/day; additional charge for full board above-standard amounts to 180 CZK/day (Rehabilitation Sanatorium only)

One-day stays can be paid in cash, by card or bank transfer. Individual procedures in Regeneration Centre and Vitality World can be paid by SODEX, Unišek and ACCOR cheques.


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