What is the admission like
  • 1Admission and Accommodation
  • 2What to Bring
  • 3Picking up Keys and Map
  • 4Luggage Storage
  • 5Medical Examination
  • 6Rules of Staying in the Health Resort
  • 7First Lunch and Dining
  • 8Medical Procedures Schedule
  • 9Free Time Activities

Spa treatment is still irreplaceable within the Health Care System. It is necessary for healing processes of some diseases and is funded by insurance companies.

On this page we will present the process of admission to Darkov Health Resort step-by-step. In case of any question, do not hesitate and contact us via email on info@darkov.cz or using an online application.


Admission and Accommodation

After your arrival to Rehabilitation Sanatorium, Darkov Sanatorium, and Villa Slávka, visit the office for admission and accommodation. The office is usually open until 19.00 o’clock on weekdays and until 15.30 during weekends. Otherwise you can visit the receptions in the buildings A and B.


What to Bring

Please bring the following documents: identity card, health insurance card or ID card of physically challenged person. The office will issue a spa card which you are asked to carry with you for the whole time of your stay. In the card can be found your physician’s name, room number, dining room type and the number of your table.


Picking up Keys and Map

In Darkov Sanatorium, you will be given keys to your room at the reception of the building you will be accommodated in (A or B). You will also get a file with the map of the spa and other materials. Rooms are available from 11 o’clock.


Luggage Storage

You can leave your luggage at the reception in case of earlier arrival. You can also pay for a locker (a little safe) which is also situated in every room.Unfortunately, there is no possibility of lending the safe in Darkov Sanatorium.


Medical Examination

You can get examined until 15 o’clock. Your physician’s name is stated in the spa card you have obtained. Report your arrival to a nurse. After the entrance check-up you will get a schedule of medical treatments and a date of your next examination. Do not forget to bring your drugs.


Rules of Staying in the Health Resort

You can accommodate after 11 o’clock. Please, do not leave the key in the keyhole to make it possible to get in the room in case you do not feel well or to clean the room. It is forbidden to use any electrical appliances (except for electric razor, hairdryer, mobile phone charger and PC). It is also forbidden to smoke in the rooms, including balconies. There are special places for smokers. Should you find any malfunction or defect, please contact a chambermaid.


First Lunch and Dining

Your stay begins with lunch. Dining room opening hours are displayed on the door to the dining room. A waitress will assign you a seat at a table in the dining room stated in your spa card. Bedridden clients are served meals according to their physician’s decision in their room. You can choose a meal from menu in advance considering the diet you are on. Please consult your doubts immediately with a nutritionist (or dietitian) in the dining room or inform your physician.


Medical Procedures Schedule

After the entrance check-up you will get a schedule of medical treatments which are suitable right for you. In the afternoon and at the weekend you can visit Regeneration Centre with a wide range of wellness procedures and also Vitality World – with swimming pools, whirlpools, and saunas.


Free Time Activities

We offer a wide range of free time activities. All you have to do is to choose! Many dance and music evenings, concerts of different music genres, theatrical performances, lectures and talks take place in our spa. And our travel agency offers trips to different closer and further places around.

Online application

Write to us for more information about how to arrange a stay in Darkov. Use our online form. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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