Transport to the Health Resort

  • 1Dislocation of Buildings
  • 2Transport to Darkov
  • 3The Journey from Abroad

1. Dislocation of Buildings

2. Transport to Darkov

By train

Get off at Karviná – Hlavní nádraží (Central Station). From this train station, you can take bus number 517 to get to Lázně Darkov (Old Spa) or numbers 511, 512, 519 and 520. Bus station is right at the train station.

By bus

You can change to public transport buses to Darkov Spa Resort provided on the left after getting off of buses from Ostrava or Havířov. You can change either at Karviná bus station or at Billa/Prior department store.

By taxi

You can get a taxi from Karviná train or bus stations to Darkov Health Resort. Taxi rank is located at the exit from railway station. Should you need taxi for transporting around Karviná, please, ask for contact at the reception.

By car

If you come from Ostrava to the Rehabilitation sanatorium, turn left at the third crossroads and go along Rudé Armády street. At the Kosmos hall of residence turn right and continue until you reach a roundabout. Pass it and go along Žižkova street. Turn left after 200 m and you will see 2 buildings of the Rehabilitation sanatorium. You can park either at a guarded paid parking lot near the building B or at an unguarded parking lot near the building A.

If you come from Ostrava to Darkov Health Resort (Old Spa), turn right at the same crossroads and go along Poštovní street and then Karola Śliwky street until you reach a roundabout near Darkov Health Resort.

3. The Journey from Abroad

Czech airports

The nearest airport is Ostrava airport (OSR, 1 hour), Brno Airport (BRQ, 2 hours) or Prague Airport (PRG, 4.5 hours). You can get to the health resort by taxi, car, train, or bus.

Foreign airports

You can get to the health resort also from foreign airports. There are large airports in Katowice (KTW, Poland, 2 hours), Krakow (Poland, 2 hours), Vienna (VIE, 5 hours) or Budapest (BUD, Hungary, 5 hours).

From an airport to the health resort

The easiest way how to get from an airport to the health resort is by using airport public transport to the train station in the city of your arrival. Take a train from that station to Darkov Spa train station from where you can take a public transport bus to Rehabilitation Center or to Darkov Sanatorium