I had never thought that my life could suddenly change. I start anew in Darkov and I believe that I will win.


His Story

Story of Mr. Petr

I have a wonderful family, house, and career – simply, everything I had always dreamt of. I would never think that my life can suddenly change. After a short walk in wood in May I found a small tick. I didn’t pay much attention to that but after a few days the swelling started to grow and my wife forced me to see a doctor. They told me the same day that I probably got borreliosis.

I had never thought that my life could suddenly change. I start anew in Darkov and I believe that I will win.

I got used to fight in life so I followed doctors’ advice, started to get treated, and didn’t think about it. My family was there for me almost every day but they had to do without me at work for the first time. I was getting worse. Headaches, dizziness, faintness. Then I woke up one day and couldn’t speak or move.

I had never thought that my life could suddenly change. I start anew in Darkov and I believe that I will win.

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Professional Medical Institute

We provide, on a long-term basis, early curative and rehabilitative care immediately following hospitalization and treatment in inpatient medical facilities. Professional Medical Institute with 111 beds is situated in a newly renovated part of the building “A” of the rehabilitation sanatorium. The aim of the care is restoration of the maximum functional fitness through restitution, substitution and/or compensation of disorder. Patient must be physically and mentally capable of cooperation in such a way that the medical rehabilitative care is effective.


Professional medical institute provides subsequent inpatient medical rehabilitative care to patients that have been diagnosed with a basic diagnosis. Contact us if you do not know how to proceed.

Contractual relationships were concluded with VZP ČR (General Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic; 111), ČPZP (Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company; 205), ZP MV (Health Insurance Company of the Ministry of the Interior; 211), and RBP (The District Fraternal Treasury Health Insurance Company; 213). Other contracts with insurance companies are being negotiated.

What do we treat

Possibilities of this
medical care
required for admission
What should you bring

It is possible to provide this medical care from private social environment or as a direct transfer from inpatient wards when in following states:

  • after stroke and after alleviation of the acute phase of the disease
  • after trauma, surgery and states associated with long-term immobility
  • with paresis or plegia of different etiologies
  • after improvement of acute phase after alloplastic joint replacement or osteosynthesis
  • alternatively after other orthopedic surgeries of major joints
  • after limb amputation
  • after spinal surgeries
  • in acute decompensated state with movement disorder

Pricelist of Additional Charges and Services

Documents/Information required for admission to the Professional medical institute:

  • Identity card
  • health insurance card or ID card of physically challenged person
  • decision on temporary incapacity for work (if released)
  • diabetic ID card with the last check-up results
  • ID card of the patient treated with pelentan or warfarin and the last laboratory results
  • your GP’s address

Pricelist of Additional Charges and Services

Apart from above-mentioned, you should bring also following equipment:

  • Sturdy footwear for walk practice and exercise
  • gym suit (T-shirts, sweatpants, shorts, sweatshirts, or anything else you consider necessary)
  • you will need suitable elastic close-fitting swimwear for rehabilitation in a swimming pool
  • it is not possible to wear any kind of shorts (not even those intended for swimming)
  • walking clothing
  • toiletries
  • Sufficient amount of underwear
  • You do not have to bring towels

Do not forget the drugs you normally use (including dosing schedules), wheelchair or mobility aids (if using them), long shoehorn, incontinence clamps, penilex, urinals or urine collection bags (if using them). If you use adult diapers please bring sufficient amount of fixation briefs.

Pricelist of Additional Charges and Services

What to do to be admitted to PMI

Rehabilitative Care Proposal

Rehabilitative Medical Care Proposal is issued either by registered provider’s physician based on the recommendation of outpatient ward specialist (neurologist, orthopedist, rehabilitation specialist) or physician attending during hospitalization.


Present Treatment

Patients who have been admitted to medical rehabilitative care from private social environment have to state the course of previous (ineffective) treatment, i.e. provide detailed description of medical treatment including pharmacotherapy, rehabilitation progress (description of medical treatments) and stress the necessity of its provision via constitutional form.


Proposal Confirmation

Auditing physician then confirms the proposal for medical rehabilitative care in specialized treatment. PMI informs the client about the date of arrival.


Date of Arrival

Validity of the proposal and the date of arrival are set according to the code as follows:
I. starting the treatment within 10 days from termination of hospitalization,
II. Starting the treatment within 1 month from proposal issuance,
III. Starting the treatment within 3 months from proposal issuance.


Accession Exception

In exceptional cases, when it is not possible to implement so called “transfer from bed to bed” (because of capacity shortage of medical facility or patient’s personal reasons), can the patient, based on the issued proposal, start the treatment within 10 calendar days from termination of hospitalization.


Accompaniment and Transportation

Patient’s escort is approved by auditing physician in exceptionally justified cases only. Rightfully indicated transport is funded by a health insurance company up to the amount which corresponds with the distance of the closest contractual provider who provides this kind of medical service.

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