How to arrange a stay at a spa resort
  • 1Spa Treatment Proposal
  • 2GP Confirmation
  • 3Sending the Proposal to the IC (insurance company)
  • 4Auditing Physician Approval
  • 5IC Approval
  • 6Sending an Invitation Letter
  • 7Welcome to Darkov Health Resort

Spa Treatment Proposal

You can ask your GP for “Spa Treatment Proposal” based on specialist’s recommendation.


GP Confirmation

The document is available to your GP. S/he puts “Darkov Spa” in the “Recommended Spa Treatment Place” box. It would be good if your GP provided also your telephone number so that we can let you know about the date of your arrival.


Sending the Proposal to the IC (insurance company)

It is possible that your GP will require a written report from the specialist who treated you (e.g. if you had a surgery, etc.). Please take that document to your GP. When the proposal is complete, it is sent by your GP to your insurance company.


Auditing Physician Approval

Health Insurance Company’s auditing physician approves the proposal (or not) which means that s/he decides whether the insurance company will fund your treatment. S/he also decides on a form of your stay: A: complex spa treatment – health insurance company funds all day dining, accommodation in double room (there is no extra charge for TV or other above-standard equipment), medical examinations and spa treatments (procedures). Health insurance company does not fund transport to and from the spa. Client is entitled to incapacity for work for the time of the spa stay. B: contributory spa care – health insurance company funds medical examinations and spa treatments (procedures). Clients pays for dining and accommodation according to the selected category. Insurance company does not fund transport to and from the spa. Client is not entitled to incapacity for work for the time of the spa stay.


IC Approval

If the insurance company approves the proposal, it is sent to the spa stated on the first place in the proposal. The office for admission and accommodation registers this proposal and books your stay. The length of stay is provided in the proposal and is based on a relevant indication of diagnosis (usually 21 or 28 days).


Sending an Invitation Letter

The Office for Admission and Accommodation sends an “Invitation letter” in which the client is informed about the particular day of the stay start.


Welcome to Darkov Health Resort

Now all you have to do is to come. We recommend to go through the possibilities of wellness, culture, and leisure activities in advance.

Online application

Write to us for more information about how to arrange a stay in Darkov. Use our online form. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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