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Dining Rooms

Dining is most certainly a very important part of the spa stay which has not only nutritional function but is also a direct part of the healing process. Dining in Darkov Spa is ensured by a professional team which prepares thousands of meals every day. There is a dining room in the Sanatorium building. Clients can eat in a “big” and “red” dining room where they are served standard meals or in a “small” dining room with above-standard meals.


We offer all day dining with the possibility of choosing from several types of meals – dietetic, rational, meatless, regional, vegetable or delicious specialties. The basis is rational, biologically and energetically balanced Czech cuisine adjusted to the clients’ special needs. We also provide all diets known in this country (diabetic, soft, slimming, rational, etc.) If there are some individual requirements we always try to comply with clients’ wishes. Not less important is also dining etiquette and nice waiting staff which we consider two of essential aspects of clients’ satisfaction.

Other Dining Options

Darkov Spa do not provide only dining rooms within the frame of medical stay. Many other gastronomic facilities are available to our clients who can visit them not only in their free time between treatments but also in the afternoon or in the evening and they can spend some nice time there with their friends and close ones. There are several restaurants, cafés and lounges within the resort and one can use also outside seating during summer. These premises serves also for leisure programs such as dance evenings, concerts, gastronomic events, etc. Very popular are spa confectioneries which daily offers fresh deserts and sweets made right at the spot. We are proud of newly opened spa confectionery in the historic center of Karviná.