For Physicians

Darkov Health Resort is one of the top facilities in the field of locomotor apparatus treatment in the Czech Republic. We employ only medical professionals – physicians, physiotherapists, nurses and other qualified personnel who take care of our clients. Our latest healing processes are consulted at the Spa Medicine and Rehabilitation Symposium which we organize annually. We also reach the best results thanks to our iodobromine brine from the Tertiary. In 2008 the Ministry of Health accredited Darkov Spa for the specialized education in the field of Physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Spa Treatment Proposal

Proposal for the treatment funded by the insurance company is issued by a GP based on the recommendation of a specialist or a physician attending during hospitalization. GP suggests the type of the spa care and the suitable place for treatment of the particular disease (indication).

Stroke Program

Stroke program is a controlled program of an early rehabilitation following the acute cerebrovascular (or another) disease. The program is carried out in the form of direct transfers of the indicated patients from Comprehensive cerebrovascular and stroke centers to the Rehabilitation sanatorium in Karviná. It is an institutional stay in the specialized rehabilitation facility funded by the insurance company which includes accommodation, diet food and intensive balneo-rehabilitative program formed individually by a medical specialist. 

Direct Transfers

A comprehensive rehabilitation in the Rehabilitation sanantorium in Karviná which is a part of Darkov Health Resort (Lázně Darkov, a.s.) is an ideal possibility for the early postoperative care after artifical hip or knee implantation. It is one of the best materially and technically equipped health resorts in the Czech Republic. We have long-term experience since we were the very first health resort in the Czechoslovakia which started to deal with rehabilitations of the patients with endoprosthesis thirty years ago. 


Contacts for specialists

Zdenka Sevcikova 


phone382 +420 596 372 266

Katerina Zbozinkova


phone382 +420 596 372 266