About Darkov Health Resort

About Darkov Health Resort

Darkov Health Resort is located in the northeast of the Czech Republic. It consists of two medical facilities: Darkov Sanatorium in Karviná-Lázně Darkov and Rehabilitation Sanatorium in Karviná-Hranice. Darkov Health Resort is a well-known medical facility which is popular for a high-level treatment based on extraordinary natural wealth of iodobromine brine which is rich in iodine, our professional staff, and the quality of extra services.

History of Darkov Health Resort

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Sources: Remešová Gerta, 130 years of spa in Darkov, 1996; Rohel Jan, springs of Darkov, 1978.

1. The First Season of the Resort

The first mentions about brine’s effects date back to the 13th century when locals went to the spring called Stříbrňočka in the woods of Karviná and they used it for natural healing as well as for their personal use. At the same time in the Solca settlement in Karviná area, the salt intended for sale was being extracted from the water. Over the years, the salt mining expanded. However, it did not pay off in such a small quantity, so the salt fever gave way to the search for coal and it had taken many more years until salt water started to serve for spa industry in Karviná region. 

In 1862, the owner of the Ráj realm, baron Jiří Bees of Chrastina, carried out the very first experimental drilling for coal on his lands. His attempt was unsuccessful and instead of coal the geyser of salt water spurted out from earth. Baron Bees’ personal physician, MUDr. Antonín Fiedler, advised baron to build a spa and use the brine from springs for treatment and to make healing iodine salt. The founding of the spa was preceded by the Fiedler’s experimental treatment of the first patients using the brine. For the convenience of guests and the catering the "Greenhouse" in Swiss style was also built.

The emergence of Darkov Health Resort dates back to 1866 when baron received an official permission for establishment of a spa named “Lázeňské místo Ráj” (Health resort Ráj).  Baron, however, had to prove the quality of water in Darkov. That was confirmed in the scientific examination of the brine at the University of Vienna. The first spa season was officially inaugurated in 1867.

2. Baron Bees and MUDr. Wilhelm Degré

Increasing public interest was the reason why baron Beese had the first spa house in Darkov built, and which was named Nové lázně (New Spa). Yet, nowadays, it is called Staré lázně (Old Spa). In 1876, the chemical analysis proved that the heavily mineralized iodine water comes from a tertiary sea and has excellent effects in treating musculoskeletal and vascular systems. It was rightly named a gift from the depths of the Earth. Publication of this information increased the interest in the treatment in Darkov, and it was necessary to build new houses, Villa Anna, and subsequently Villa Heinrichshof and Villa Henrietta. Also the wealthier citizens of Darkov started to build villas naming them as the spa owner did.

From the very inception of the Darkov Spa, not only scientists, but also doctors were professionally engaged in examining the effects of water in Darkov in the treatment of various diseases. The first spa physician after MUDr. Fiedler was MUDr. Wilhelm Sperber.

In addition to spa treatment in Darkov, the salt of Darkov was extracted here and exported to the whole world. Darkov iodine salt warehouses were in Vienna with the Martini company or in Brno with Ondřej Gach. A new coal well brought both a new spring, and (unfortunately) a lot of the debts for the necessary equipment. A new hope for the spa became MUDr. Wilhelm Degré, who had been a co-owner and a chief physician in the spa since 1895. His contribution to the spa was extensive in the area of the spa building and the medicine itself. He left his studies in Darkov concerning the waters themselves and medical capacities’ comments on the use of brine and Darkov salt.

The fame of the spa spread very quickly. There is no doubt that Darkov went through its golden age under the leadership of Dr. Degré and his wife Ann Marie Degré. As the number of people interested in spa treatment was growing, new spa objects were building, and advertising and promotional materials contributed to the awareness of the general public.

Everything old, shabby and old-fashioned had to disappear from the perimeter of the spa. The famous "Greenhouse", the first cultural centre in Darkov, was demolished. When the doctor Degré renovated all spa objects according to the latest fashion, he went on to the reconstruction of the representative residence for his family. Villa Henrietta (nowadays Villa Jiřina) was really the most beautiful building of all that stood on the right bank of Olza. In 1902 more accommodation facilities were built, since the first two buildings (Villa Anna - nowadays Villa Vlasta, and Villa Heinrichshof – nowadays Villa Jiřina) were no longer sufficient. A new cultural center was built in the middle of the spa park based on designs by Viennese architect Korn. In the spa park, a summer residence was built, rare trees imported from the Beskydy mountains were planted there, and also a wooden colonnade was finished. In 1902 Degré had the modern children’s sanatorium (Kinderheim) built, which was satisfactory in all respects. The construction of a chapel and a Marian column was finished at the same time as the construction of children’s sanatorium. The consecration of the chapel was associated with opulent festivities both in the spa house and in the village.

3. Larisch-Mönich

In 1899 baron Bees sold the spa, due to unbearable debts, to Jan Larisch-Mönnich who became a part owner. At the end of the spa season in 1905 left MUDr. Wilhelm Degré and his family Darkov permanently and he sold his share to the count Larisch-Mönnich, due to large debts, just as Bees did. That is how the Larisch family became the owners of Darkov Spa.

4. From 1945 to the present

Larisch-Mönnich had the sanatorium built in 1931. The first patients were treated there in two years from the beginning of the construction. In the period of the two world wars, the premises of the sanatorium, and some other buildings, were transformed into a military hospital, Cultural centre was closed, but the Darkov spa served its purpose for the whole time.

Mission, vision and values

The mission of Lázně Darkov, a. s. (Darkov Health Resort) is to help people eliminate or minimalize permanent damages after diseases and injuries of musculoskeletal and vascular systems through balneorehabilitation, provided by the team of the first-rate professionals, using the natural healing iodobromine source.

We want to achieve permanent customer satisfaction through the quality and comprehensiveness of our services by motivated, erudite, and loyal employees. Our aim is to be among the top centers in rehabilitation medicine with trans-regional power, and to become a significant company in Central and Eastern Europe. Dynamic balance of modern rehabilitation medicine and the economic activity is a necessary condition of our development and growth. In the competition of other facilities, we want to take advantage of the high professional level of medical teams with an emphasis on individual approach to our clients. The professional approach and the continuous increase in the quality of our services are our permanent commitments to our clients.


Lázně Darkov, a.s. (Darkov Health Resort), wants to achieve the fulfilment of its mission and vision through supporting the following shared values:

  • team collaboration and effective communication,
  • care for a man as a whole – physical, psychosocial and spiritual dimensions,
  • the continuous increase in the quality and safety of provided care,
  • the dignity and rights of the patient while maintaining equal approach,
  • positive interpersonal relationships and erudition of employees – the foundation of our success,
  • wellness as a complement to the treatment and prevention of diseases.

Iodobromine brine

Treatment in Darkov Health Resort is based on high-quality care and services, but mainly on the extraordinary wealth of natural iodobromine water with high content of iodine.

The University of Vienna scientifically confirmed in 1867 that the Darkov waters are rich in iodobromine brine. Iodobromine brine emerged in the tertiary period of the natural sea water, and for its saltiness also earned the name - brine (solanka). During millions of years, the water was affected by various pressures and temperatures. As a result, the water mixed with the quantity of elements from the ancient marine fauna and flora, which also caused that the brine is so beneficial for our organisms.

When in contact with the skin, the iodine will begin to bind to skin cover, and then gets into the organism. Brine relaxes muscles, softens connective tissue structures, improves blood circulation in tissues and individual organs, soothes skin diseases, and successfully relieves all the inflammatory processes. The healing water has a positive effect on the nervous system, immunity and overall fitness.


Lázně Darkov, a.s. (Darkov Health Resort), as one of the most important employers in the region, puts a great emphasis on human resources management in the company. For Lázně Darkov, a.s., human resources represent a lasting competitive advantage. The aim of the personnel policy is to build and maintain a high-quality staff whose results will satisfy demanding requirements and needs of our patients and will defend the interests of the shareholders. From our employees, we expect a responsible approach to work, the cooperation in the implementation of the objectives of our company, and last but not least, a maximum effort of constant improvement of the spa care and all processes on all levels.

Lázně Darkov, a.s. (Darkov Health Resort) offers its employees the possibility of professional growth, which is supported by a system of corporate training. The performance and motivation of our employees is further affected by the system of motivation tools and benefits. Employees may use the services of both legal and personnel consultancy. We believe that our company will continue to provide first-rate services to our employees within the framework of personnel management.

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